It Feels Awesome When You Work Hard For Labour Of Love And The Person Appreciates It

When you love your work, it never feels like a burden. This makes handling pressure easier, going the extra mile to delight the client or the person you are guiding instinctive.

I am lucky to have my programming career sprinkled with compliments when I wasn't expecting or looking for one - I was just looking to better solve a user problem, like I would want my problems to be solved.

Here are some of the compliments, along with the background story, that I have received and have stuck in my memory and bring a smile on my face whenever I recall them.
"Compliment the developer." (2012)
I received this feedback when I was working in Softobiz Technologies, via my Team Lead while working for a client who wanted facility to edit HTML in the admin section and I went ahead and added a WYSIWYG plugin TinyMCE. I also took care to keep the view source button near the beginning of the toolbar to allow the client to easily switch between editing HTML or directly in rich-text WYSIWYG mode.
"The document is good" (Jun 2016)
I received this feedback when I created a documentation for a recently completed project while working at CODELEE. I utilized my experience in writing academic assignments to create an abstract, introduction and structured content. The client had her revisions, but she forwarded her appreciation for the written work. Actually, I sort of expected the pat on the back :)
"May God give you what ever you desire dude, your answer is so clear and thougthful, I learned alot. thank you so much again!" (Nov 2016) (original source, copy at Web Archive here)
A newbie programmer whom I helped in debugging a small technical problem in his JavaScript code at StackOverflow (original question) blessed me with these wishes. In addition to solving his technical problem, I showed him the the way to be a better programmer by decoupling logic of the problem at hand from the actual coding of the code in the editor.

To be updated as and when I earn more compliments from my clients and friends.