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It Feels Awesome When You Work Hard For Labour Of Love And The Person Appreciates It

When you love your work, it never feels like a burden. This makes handling pressure easier, going the extra mile to delight the client or the person you are guiding instinctive.

I am lucky to have my programming career sprinkled with compliments when I wasn't expecting or looking for one - I was just looking to better solve a user problem, like I would want my problems to be solved.

The Fixation With App Permissions: Truecaller Requesting Irrelevant Permissions

Background Recently the phone number identification service Truecaller's Android app began showing notification and a message whenever the app is opened prompting users to get the latest features, which is a little odd since I have set up my Google Play Store app to auto-update apps (while on Wifi to save on data charges). The apps update themselves and when I use them and find the updates, it is a pleasant surprise.