The Mythical Man-Month and My Three Years of Web Development

I am re-reading The Mythical Man-Month and as the folklore goes about this classic book that "computers may change, but people don't."1, I find similarities in the accounts of OS/360 and what I've learnt in my three years of professional Web Development.

Especially from Chapter 12, "Sharp Tools" under "High-level language", Fred Brooks advocates the use of high-level languages which is all what I've dealt with at work till now. And the objections to such a tool are the same we hear nowadays also, "It doesn't let me do what I want. The object code is too big. The object code is too slow."

What made me smile, was the admission that the high-level languages allows one to do whatever one may require and it may take work to find out how (reading documentation? discussing on Stack Overflow?) "and one may occasionally need unlovely artifices". We Web Developers have to put hacks and workarounds sometimes, to make the end website look and work okay in all browsers, in most versions even today (2015).

This made me smile and feel okay that I am not being irresponsible with my profession and only doing something which reconciles the Iron Triangle for the benefit of client and his customers.

Notes and References:
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