Don't Assume cPanel When Recommending or Approving a Web Host for a Client

When a client asks for your opinion on a web hosting service, don't blindly say yes, or just after a cursory visit to the host's website. Because you might assume some facilities, which may not be available at all or for an extra fee.

A recurring functionality seems to be cPanel. There are many hosts (with beautiful websites, established brands) who would rather have a homegrown rudimentary file manager (with no unzip/extract facility), than to pay for cPanel subscription.
If cPanel is something you began your Web Development career with, then why would you want to reinvent the wheel every time for a new client?
In one project, I was handed the client's credentials for Media Temple and it was after the fact that I painfully learned that they are having some unique in-house control panel. Though I figured how to unzip files on the server using a PHP script. but it's a waste of time. Now, here the decision was already made.

But, say the client asks something like, 'Hey, what do you think of Host Europe for I would like my site to be hosted from Europe?', take out some time for this task, visit the web host's page and go through all the facilities provided and raise concerns when you don't see something you would expect to see in the jumbo list of features.

Of course, you may be biased if you are an affiliate of some web host, but in any case, before you nod to one, make sure it has the tools of the trade and not crayon-drawn interfaces which take you a decade back.