Hold On Integrated AdSense on New Blogs in India, China Etc For Six Months


Google's Blogger platform allows for easy integration of Google AdSense in blogs via the Earnings settings. Ads added using this option are automatically placed with optimised colors and placement. They also show up properly in Sites head of AdSense reports.

However, Google does not allow this option on newly created Indian, Chinese etc blogs.
Have you owned your site for 6 months? 
In some locations including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We've taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers. (Link)

Possible Reasons 

India among so-called third-world countries has an endless gushing overflow of human resources. Most of the human labor is decently educated, greedy, short-sighted and with little respect for own time and dignity. This combined with foreign exchange rates and the global reach of Internet motivates them for easy money online. 

Shady activities like spamming blog comments, breaking CAPTCHA word verifications, clicking on ads etc find favor with these sections of our country. It doesn't matter to them that this is a mockery to their dignity e.g. earning $ 0.01 for each successful CAPTCHA word verified seems okay. The point that this activity is illegal, immoral and unethical stands no weight with these kind of people, so we should not even be mentioning these.

Probably for this reason, Google had to implement this policy of holding integrated AdSense on new blogs.

Personal Views

I am deeply hurt by this attitude of multinational companies to outcast Indians like this. 

This difference of skin color, this difference between white and brown/black permeates everything e.g. In online freelancing markets like Odesk the haughtiness of the 'onshore' guys is palpable. It is a topic for another discussion though.

Views as a Blogger

Initially stumped by this message, I agree wholeheartedly with this decision. Six months is nothing for a person who is writing for the love of writing. And these six months would be an opportunity to not be distracted by advertising interests and focus on content and reader.

Thus, when the blogger finally opens to advertising, he will already be having reasonable quantity of posts for the interested reader. 

Agree With Business Decision

It is all about money.
I agree with the decision of Google to take such a step for third-world countries as they are a for-profit company and they have to be globally fair. Indian and Chinese markets are too big to be ignored.

Such cheap educated human labor has to be accounted for in high-level business planning and are free to be used or avoided for dime a dozen.

Workaround For Existing AdSense Publisher

I would like to wrap up my thoughts by mentioning that this hold is insignificant for an existing AdSense publisher as they can always manually create ad units with tracking codes and embed as HTML/JavaScript widget from blog's layout.