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The Mythical Man-Month and My Three Years of Web Development

I am re-reading The Mythical Man-Month and as the folklore goes about this classic book that "computers may change, but people don't."1, I find similarities in the accounts of OS/360 and what I've learnt in my three years of professional Web Development.

Don't Assume cPanel When Recommending or Approving a Web Host for a Client

When a client asks for your opinion on a web hosting service, don't blindly say yes, or just after a cursory visit to the host's website. Because you might assume some facilities, which may not be available at all or for an extra fee.

A recurring functionality seems to be cPanel. There are many hosts (with beautiful websites, established brands) who would rather have a homegrown rudimentary file manager (with no unzip/extract facility), than to pay for cPanel subscription.

Hold On Integrated AdSense on New Blogs in India, China Etc For Six Months

Introduction Google's Blogger platform allows for easy integration of Google AdSense in blogs via the Earnings settings. Ads added using this option are automatically placed with optimised colors and placement. They also show up properly in Sites head of AdSense reports.

However, Google does not allow this option on newly created Indian, Chinese etc blogs.

Google Fonts Without http Or https

A client recently upgraded his site to SSL, moving from http to https. Besides changing core constants like site URLs etc all external assets must also be served on https to prevent Mixed Content error.