Going Back To Smaller Ads? Polarization To Larger Louder And Smaller Saner Ads On Webpages.

Recently while browsing the Internet, especially blogs of well-known people in my profession (Web development and designing) I have noticed ads which are smaller like a postage stamp. And those ads did get attention without trying too hard.

On one hand due to ad blindness, hatred for flashy ads and increasing efficiency of the user to scan the webpage (for information they are looking for), the ads seem to only go bigger and bigger e.g. Google AdSense' 'Large skyscraper' is 300 by 600 pixels (link).

On the other hand, there are smaller, non-animated calm ads, possibly supplemented by a text description by companies other than Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. Names like The Deck, Carbon Ads etc come to mind. They appear to have a lot of blank space around them. Personally these ads are are also looking good. And they are exclusive, with barrier to signup as a publisher of content higher, possibly on a case-by-case basis.

I was reading about mind share once, and about the use of subtle psychology to make the sale. But then, I always felt that this growing of size and in-you-face or obstructive advertising will have to stop some time.