Why is the Programming Community After W3Schools.com?

When I began my career in programming, I found w3schools.com, used it to learn the basics, and to this date also Google points me to it for programming syntax, reference etc. I wrote a post back then thanking w3schools.

Time went by, I continued with my day job as a professional PHP Web Developer, changed companies, made some reputation points on StackOverflow.

During all this, I noticed a general hostility towards w3schools. Even a beautifully made site w3fools.com is/was made, and comments on StackOverflow questions (discussion) would decry linking to w3schools for reference and dissuaded newcomers to not consider this website for learning programming.
I've wondered why is this? 
Is it because the website provides inaccurate information and 'does more harm than good', or (which I feel is more likely) that they are successful and thus making big money. No one kicks a dead dog, and so much clamor can only be about something which is successful. It's a free world, and every person is equally entitled to earn.

I do not dislike w3schools.com, but I find it lacking in moral responsibility when it chose a confusingly similar name to the official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and does not have the will to explicitly declare no connection with them.