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I am a Web developer by profession and in my own time try to contribute to the programming community by answering questions on StackOverflow, etc.

Reasons to do so include reputation points and programming tags for appraisal/future employment, helping others and paying it forward.

My initial style of answering was to provide a background to the solution, explain the workings, point out any incorrect, inefficient or non-best-practice way of implementation and if appropriate create an online demos of code also. I would notice that shorter and to-the-point answers would be preferred by the Original Poster (OP). One of the OP even mentioned while accepting another answer that it was simpler to follow without any demo etc.

Then, I changed my style and went straight for the kill. At times, I had to ignore the obvious room for improvement in code to answer the question and get OP's task done. It may be less than perfect, but I am noticing a better upvote count and more accepted answers. For record, I am not compromising on the quality of the answers as per my ability at the time of answering the question, just keeping it lean.