More Years Programming == Smaller Variable Names?

I remember reading in Code Complete 2 that veteran programmers will choose a smaller (possibly, not very descriptive) variable name just to save a few keystrokes. I thought to myself,
'What? Code is poetry and if it is not perfect in all possible ways, then it is not perfect'. (Note to self: This is my OCD talking)
Then, after college I drifted into being a career Web developer in PHP, and was introduced to jQuery and fundamentals like event and response from $.ajax(). There, being inspired from writing easy-to-understand code, I promised myself that I will always write event and not e, response and not res.

It's not even two years in the industry, and recently I 'updated' my promise (in favor of speed, blaming it on the Iron Triangle) and went lean with e, r.

My justification is that the maintainer of the code will be able to understand what I want the code to do without difficulty as I am following the conventional variable names.