Tools for Email Debugging on Local and Public Server

Local Server

For instant feedback while developing on local server, I use the free Test Mail Server Tool, which intercepts emails the instant they are fired from your code e.g. PHP script etc and opens them.

I start this tool every morning while starting work and highly recommend it to optimize your email debugging.

It provides instant feedback.

Does not work if you are using a third-party email dispatching service like Amazon Simple Email Service.

Public Server

For testing emails where code is not running on my local development computer, or I need to provide an email address which is publicly available, I use a free website

For debugging purposes, where you need to check whether an email is being sent and received, or unique working email addresses for creating new users, this website works well. Also, you can extend your email address' life by 100 minutes, recover just deleted or expired email within some time.

It only has incoming facility, and you cannot send emails from this address.One downside is that the site is flooded with ads.