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Spamming Users Of Android With Notifications

Recent versions of Android (KitKat) have the ability to turn off notifications on a per-app basis. It is a commendable feature.

However, some apps like Domino's Pizza (India), Flipkart and Flipkart eBooks are able to routinely override this setting and bug me with notifications.

jQuery plugin bxSlider not allowing embedded form to be posted

If you have a form embedded as slides in bxSlider, and your POST form is not being submitted, try setting infiniteLoop to false while initializing the plugin.

Going Back To Smaller Ads? Polarization To Larger Louder And Smaller Saner Ads On Webpages.

Recently while browsing the Internet, especially blogs of well-known people in my profession (Web development and designing) I have noticed ads which are smaller like a postage stamp. And those ads did get attention without trying too hard.

My Views on jQuery 2.x in 2014

jQuery 2.x does away with supporting Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.
A Web development and design world where one does not have to do special coding, workarounds and hacks to make it work with certain browser versions is appealing, and a dream of Web Standards.

How To Add a Class To CakePHP's Paginator Sorting Header Link?

echo $this->Paginator->sort('name_of_field', optional_custom_title_or_null, array('class' => 'class_to_add')); 

Documentation: CakePHP PaginatorHelper API

How To Debug Programming Errors? Tips For Beginner Software Developers

Whenever you face a programming error, I suggest the following and moving onto next, if error is not resolved:
Read the error message, line number and understand what it says and do some debugging.

Why is the Programming Community After

When I began my career in programming, I found, used it to learn the basics, and to this date also Google points me to it for programming syntax, reference etc. I wrote a post back then thanking w3schools.

Time went by, I continued with my day job as a professional PHP Web Developer, changed companies, made some reputation points on StackOverflow.

Short and To The Point Answers Seem to be Appreciated More on

I am a Web developer by profession and in my own time try to contribute to the programming community by answering questions on StackOverflow, etc.

Reasons to do so include reputation points and programming tags for appraisal/future employment, helping others and paying it forward.

More Years Programming == Smaller Variable Names?

I remember reading in Code Complete 2 that veteran programmers will choose a smaller (possibly, not very descriptive) variable name just to save a few keystrokes. I thought to myself,
'What? Code is poetry and if it is not perfect in all possible ways, then it is not perfect'. (Note to self: This is my OCD talking)

Tools for Email Debugging on Local and Public Server

Local Server For instant feedback while developing on local server, I use the free Test Mail Server Tool, which intercepts emails the instant they are fired from your code e.g. PHP script etc and opens them.

Why Does CakePHP Cake Bake Create Separate Add and Edit?

I am learning CakePHP and recently tried Cake Bake for the first time. It creates separate actions and views for different portions of CRUD. On this, I was suggested by my mentor that I should merge the add and edit functionality into a single action and view. And to identify the edit mode by passing the id as passed argument.