Media Temple's File Manager - Basic, No Unzipping / Extraction


Today, my task included migrating a client's website to Media Temple. Seemed straight stuff - import db, copy files, change some constants and we are good to go. I logged in to Media Temple and was mildly surprised not to see cPanel. But still the client area is easy to use and I figured most of the stuff easily. Though for one or two things, I had to do Google and read their knowledgebase.

File Manager

Now, I happily zipped the code, uploaded it using FTP. Opened the file manager of Media Temple and found a basic file manager lacking most of the options and the tree directory structure of cPanel's file manager - and I said to myself, 'what the hell!?'.
Why would a company want to reinvent the wheel, and implement their own website management software, when commonly used ones like cPanel are available?
But, maybe, cPanel is not a free software as I always assumed?
Yes, I learnt that cPanel is a subscription software, but if a recently started web host (which I'm using for my other site) can use cPanel, why not a big name like Media Temple?

A Solution

Anyways, found a discussion that pointed to a PHP script that can unzip ZIP and JPA archives- Akeeba Kickstart. I used it and it is great. Just upload the script alongside your zipped file, and run the script from your browser - that's all!

Ending Thoughts

We can always work around situations and especially if the product has been in use a while (like WordPress etc), then we can be sure that someone has faced and solved the same problem we are facing - but why should that be for routine tasks like unzipping / extracting an archive? It wastes time, doesn't it?