Trying To Guilt Trip Me On Unsubscribing From Your Newsletter?

No. 1: You should not be sending me unsolicited email, even if I'm a member of your website and you have my email address.

No. 2: If I'm being courteous and not reporting it as spam, and instead following up through the unsubscribe process - you should be thankful to me. Because I think few people go through the effort of clicking the unsubscribe link, and following up on your webpage. Clicking the 'Report Spam' is far easier for the user.

And what you do? You send me a guilt-ridden email telling me you've added to your... 'blacklist'?! Which of your team member had this brilliant idea? Following is the email you send me:
"Goodbye from our Newsletter, sorry to see you go.

You have been unsubscribed from our newsletters.

This is the last email you will receive from us. We have added you to our "blacklist", which means that our newsletter system will refuse to send you any other email, without manual intervention by our administrator.

If there is an error in this information, you can re-subscribe:
please go to http://***.com/lists/?p=subscribe and follow the steps.

Thank you"
That's not how these things should work. Sending a final confirmation email is okay. I might actually change my mind now or later. But what makes you think bullying me will make me resubscribe or not dislike your brand?