My Views On EllisLab Seeking New Owner for CodeIgniter

While researching CodeIgniter last week - as the new project I am working on is to be built on it - I learnt that its creator, Rick Ellis and his company EllisLab are looking for someone to take over the CodeIgniter project (original announcement here).

My initial (and predictable) thought was to switch to another framework, with a more stable near-future. Because I have seen projects dying out (and maintained one), with no documentation available and the programmer is stuck with whatever can be understood from the in-code comments and the code itself.

Since, things had been set in motion, I kept this thought to myself. But, I had to know why. So I read their announcement and some comments.

I wholeheartedly agree with their decision. Why?
"This is actually a positive step for ExpressionEngine. We’ve been developing CodeIgniter very slowly, because as a commercial software company, it has never quite fit into our business model. Some people might not recall, but I wrote CodeIgniter initially as a personal project. I didn’t even tell anyone about it until it was ready to release, so it was not an official product of EllisLab at the beginning. It was more of a “here’s a fun tool I wrote” type app. But as it took on a life of its own we decided to manage it and back-port ExpressionEngine onto it, mostly so we didn’t have to maintain two sets of code. Having never managed an open source product, however, we had no idea what that really entailed. And we didn’t realize that unless you are a true services company, which we are not, it’s very difficult to give an open source product the full focus that it deserves.

Truly, the only impact this will have on ExpressionEngine is a positive one, as we will be able to devote even more focus to it. And there will absolutely be no rewrite on another framework. Holy cow. That would be insane. As Derek noted, we love CodeIgniter, so we’re doing this so that it can flourish under the development of someone who can push it forward more aggressively than we can, making an already great framework spectacularly better, and giving the CodeIgniter community the tools they need to keep being relevant."
- Rick Ellis, Creator of CodeIgniter (link)
Now, I too have noticed a similar situation in one of my previous companies. When you are a commercial for-profit organization, things that do not save/earn money get overlooked just like that, and my guess is only patches of time and effort are given to them - when no paying task is present.

Thus, I am hopeful that the future owner, CodeIgniter and its community and EllisLab will only grow further :)