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Media Temple's File Manager - Basic, No Unzipping / Extraction

Introduction Today, my task included migrating a client's website to Media Temple. Seemed straight stuff - import db, copy files, change some constants and we are good to go. I logged in to Media Temple and was mildly surprised not to see cPanel. But still the client area is easy to use and I figured most of the stuff easily. Though for one or two things, I had to do Google and read their knowledgebase.

Thinking Which PHP Framework Should I Learn On My Own Time

Current Experience and The Numerous Frameworks At my work, I work in whatever PHP technology my current project requires and my one-and-a-half years of career has taken me through:
WordPressZend Framework 1.12PHP coreCakePHP 1.3, 2CodeIgniterPyroCMS

Trying To Guilt Trip Me On Unsubscribing From Your Newsletter?

No. 1: You should not be sending me unsolicited email, even if I'm a member of your website and you have my email address.

No. 2: If I'm being courteous and not reporting it as spam, and instead following up through the unsubscribe process - you should be thankful to me. Because I think few people go through the effort of clicking the unsubscribe link, and following up on your webpage. Clicking the 'Report Spam' is far easier for the user.

My Views On EllisLab Seeking New Owner for CodeIgniter

While researching CodeIgniter last week - as the new project I am working on is to be built on it - I learnt that its creator, Rick Ellis and his company EllisLab are looking for someone to take over the CodeIgniter project (original announcement here).

Shifting To a New Framework as Per Project's Requirements

After doing a couple of projects in WordPress and Zend Framework 1.12 during my initial days (at Softobiz Technologies), and a couple of Core PHP projects later, then changing company (to CodeLee) and maintaining CakePHP 1.3 and 2.0 projects, now we are going to write some new projects in CodeIgniter.

jQuery Mobile Page Scrolls to Top in Android 2.2 Browser When a Select Menu is Opened (Solved)

By default jQuery Mobile loads native OS select menu and in Android 2.2 browser this somehow invokes the jQuery Mobile's functionality of scrolling to top, to prepare for loading a new page, even though there is no hyperlinking.

Allowing Access to Data Only When You Share Your Similar Data

I've noticed websites, apps providing privileged data, only if you are willing to share similar data from your side, or may be by paying to see others' information but protecting yours.

It's OK, There Are Many Geeks Like Me Out There :)

"The programmer got stuck in the shower because the instructions on the shampoo bottle said, Lather, Rinse, Repeat."

Intentionally Uniformative Error Messages

I've sometimes noticed misleading error messages on websites, when clearly they could have been correct and indicated steps to correct the form submission.

My First Impressions of 'Convention Over Configuration'

My current project is in CakePHP, and my recent projects were in Zend Framework. I had an idea that CakePHP champions convention over configuration and I would make a funny face as how convention can manage the complexities.

Coding is the easier part

During my training days, I'd look at my seniors, team lead doing things in addition to coding. Things like posting updates on BaseCamp, or chatting with clients on Skype, both text and audio. Also, I would be particularly fascinated by database design.

CodeIgniter not opening pages other than homepage on local server

Issue: You've checked out a project from Git or some other repository on local machine and you've been able to get the homepage to work, but all other pages don't open.

The Bible really meant it about earning food by sweat of brow

"By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."- Genesis 3:17-19 There are days, when only the love for the work sees me through the day. And looking forward to a good night's sleep. Or going back to loved family members.

Tougher than Programming

Learning new programming techniques, frameworks may or not be tough for a programmer. But, holding your ground in appraisal meetings/interviews is tougher.

I had read about it in blogs and books, and one year down the line am facing it personally. But like dating, every experience makes one better and I hope to get a handle on this soon.