Google AdWords Does Not (Only) Want Your Money- They Want Quality And Relevance

I am newbie to Google AdWords, and have been going through forums and their landing page help. The forum was filled with users complaining that their accounts have been suspended due to landing page (the page where the user reaches when clicking on your ad) violations etc.

I thought to myself that Google has always been about meritocracy, so how could AdWords be any different?
Google is clear on quality with emphasis on relevant and original content, transparency, and ease of navigation (link).

And good scores help reduce costs for advertisers while increasing chances of better ad-placement. Quality is enforced/calculated on so many levels like limiting landing page to the domain displayed in the ad, landing page keyword relevancy scores etc. They are clear that they want to give a positive experience to the user. Also, when strict rules apply to you as an advertiser, they must be being applied to other advertisers, thus reassuring the belief that the system is in good hands.

Contrast this approach with the approach of an average business, which may short-change on quality, ethics to bring in more cash. They only see the money right now, with little foresight on the effect of this on brand reputation.
Also, Google AdWords is a stable product, meaning what they are doing works in favor of users, and thus everyone.