W3Schools.com - To-The-Point Tutorials On Web Technologies

I would like to thank w3schools.com for their well thought-out tutorials on web technologies like HTML, CSS, etc.

After passing out from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar I had to choose a line. With guidance from of my best friends, I chose PHP and related technologies. W3Schools.com was one of the first sites I found, and it satisfied my goals beautifully.

I recommend this site if you want to learn the syntax, brush up your concepts or want to quickly go through a language.

Rating: 4/5 Link: w3schools.com
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Update (Nov 2012)
Stumbled upon w3fools.com, which says, "We feel, though, that W3Schools is harming the community with inaccurate information." with examples of w3schools' incorrect information and links to other resources. Kindly explore this link also to judge for yourself.

Update (06 June 2014)
While doing research on a similar topic, I found that w3fools.com is no longer functioning, and a default hosting parking page comes up. I wonder what happened - was it a deliberate action from the owner, or some legal pressure by w3schools.com?

Update (14 January 2017)
While maintaining a client project, I discovered that W3Schools has launched its own CSS framework. I think this is a significant step forward for the site and shows the momentum it has going for itself.