You Cannot Program Alone

I used to think that for coding and creating software, all you need is a single motivated and skilled person. Maybe I misinterpreted The The Mythical Man-Month's conceptual integrity theme.

I tested this idea in my final year MCA project. It was a database of cricketers in .NET- CriketersDB.

The things that didn't go well:
  • Working at home is without any feeling of formality and rigor. And it requires effort on your part to not get relaxed.
  • There is no one to talk to about your project during lunches and breaks- share your achievements, doubts and concerns.
  • Online resources like Google, StackOverflow etc are helpful, but when you are stuck on a point for more than one day, despair can set in.
  • You can learn only as much is written in the book/site.
There are no advantages of trying to work solo, no matter how seductive it is and how confident you feel.

You may be interested in the video The Myth of the Genius Programmer at Google I/O 2009 and also A Rebuttal to The Myth of the Genius Programmer to keep things in perspective.