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You Cannot Program Alone

I used to think that for coding and creating software, all you need is a single motivated and skilled person. Maybe I misinterpreted The The Mythical Man-Month's conceptual integrity theme.

I tested this idea in my final year MCA project. It was a database of cricketers in .NET- CriketersDB.

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Why This Blog?

"If you already have a blog, or a personal website, but it’s not technical, start a technical one. Keep it separate from the personal blog.

A future employer won’t be inspired to call you for an interview by your trip to the Grand Canyon.

Treat your blog like a technical diary. Use it to reflect on the work you’ve done over time, as you do it.

Blog about anything you’ve done that you might tell a techie buddy about at lunch or over beers after work.", Land The Tech Job You Love (at Amazon, Flipkart)

It Takes Risk To Make Iconic Products. And A Focus On Not Merely Appeasing Customers

The following is an insightful comment by Antonie RJ Wright on An article By tomiahonen on the recent dip in Nokia's market share (Jan 2011)
"Nice post, and sure to get some (many) of the folks who've called you a "Nokia apologist" to pull back their ears to listen a bit.

A point you might have said, but might have been lost in the depth of words you used:-

It takes risk to make iconic products. You have to have belief that the product is going to be above expectations, even in a broken state. There's the vision and execution needed to pull it off.

Profile Of A Professional Programmer- Something We All Could Aspire To

"Whilst no one posting here is in a position to tell you which to hire, I'd like to offer a little counterpoint to the proceedings... One of our most recent new starters is the absolute image of professional experience.

In at 9, out at 5, one hour for lunch. No lates, no weekends. Which probably sounds terrible to most of the people who have responded so far.

The First Windows Forms Application Of My Career (Visual Basic.NET)

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