Yes! Finally Won Against Hard CPU In Langres Map (Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Skirmish Match)

Yes! Finally conquered Hard CPU on Langres map (Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts)
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I am a regular player and this Langres map skirmish had me tied for weeks. Won vs Normal CPU after a few attempts, but vs Hard CPU, wow, got beaten up so many times.

It just keep coming with armour or something like half a dozen of squads and never really allowed me to gain a foothold, but I also decided that I won't play any other map, till I killed Hard CPU on this map...

The match was Victory Point control, random location and standard resources.

After banging my head against the enemy a number of times, I realised that the artificial intelligence (AI) was bent on taking the heavy armour route and so I set up three anti-tank guns in a row and thanks to the face-enemy facility of the gun was able to show the enemy vehicles their place.

To counter the fog of war, I used Stuart tank to quickly expose them- in the range of my weapons, but not visible to the crew immediately.

Well well “You are Victorious!”

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