You Want To Turn Off That Game, Believe Me, You Want To

A Fostoria (Ohio) man pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the drowning-deaths of his 10-month-old twins. On August 7, Gregg J. Kleinmark, 24, left his sons unattended in a bathtub for 30 minutes while he played a "computer game" three rooms away.” (link)
It's time to show the PCs and XBOXs their place
It's time to show the PCs and XBOXs 

their place
This is very sad, I mean if someone was at door, or there was a phone call, he would have excused himself and got the kids. Man, dirty toddlers are way better than having to leave them unattended.

I don’t want to comment that the game was portable and could have used in the bathroom also, because there seems no logic. You can’t leave the game for your kids also? That is bad, but then don’t bathe the kids- the mother would have taken care of that.
Four lives are destroyed, because of a useless game. I am appalled.
As a user comments,
“This fucking planet needs to get a grip on reality with this gaming shit.” (link)
This incident serves as a timely alarm bell for would be addicts and heavy gamers. I too play a lot of games, and quite a bit of my leisure time goes in front of laptop playing one game or the other. But I have a brain- I keep my eyes open for any signs that I may be crossing into the “Gamers Anonymous” territory.

Dear Reader, if you too are a gamer, a heavy gamer like me, I request you too not to loose grip on Life and to control that impulse and draw a line, which the man who killed his sons did not do.

I've changed. The pleasures and highs of gaming can never worth more than sanity and common sense. Please take care…

Hope you are not on the checklist?
    • Tolerance increase i.e. the player plays more and "cooler" game more often.
    • Abstinence - the player becomes restless, irritable, depressed, etc. when the game "absence".
    • Negative consequences for the school, internships / jobs: truancy, missed tests, lower grades, dismissal from jobs ...
    • Serious conflicts with family and friends: a fight about noon time, other responsibilities, etc.
    • Focus and the visualisations on computer games, even during non-playing time reading, talking and thinking about player in the game
    • The player lying about game times and other games around to calm environment
    • Disturbed daily rhythm, evident in the night, sleeping on days
    • Lack of interest in old hobbies and friends
    • Deterioration of health and fitness due to sedentary indoor
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