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Tip For Google’s Data Appetite- Users Are Aware And They Don’t Want You To Store Online Tracks Like You Want To Create A Clone Of Them In 2050

It’s business after all, and some sort of data is necessary to run a successful business by noticing trends, predicting new demands and countering rivals’ products. But who’ll explain the fetish of this beloved company that is the lynchpin of the Internet community?

Yes! Finally Won Against Hard CPU In Langres Map (Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Skirmish Match)

I am a regular player and this Langres map skirmish had me tied for weeks. Won vs Normal CPU after a few attempts, but vs Hard CPU, wow, got beaten up so many times.

Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts- A Skirmish Match Between Human And Artificial Intelligence Reveals Weaknesses In AI’s Armour

There is an interesting and informative compilation on Current Methods to Create Human-Level Artificial Intelligence in Computer Simulations and Wargames (Google search). The opening page mentions that computers have difficulty thinking out of the box.

Thoughts And Lessons In Software Development, By The Gurus

“In our desire to please everyone, it's very easy to end up being invisible or mediocre. Far better to please the right people.”, Seth Godin (link)“2004 study of four Army divisions that had just returned from tours in Iraq found that most leaders had strong technical and tactical skills. What set the best leaders apart was interpersonal skills.

You Want To Turn Off That Game, Believe Me, You Want To

“A Fostoria (Ohio) man pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the drowning-deaths of his 10-month-old twins. On August 7, Gregg J. Kleinmark, 24, left his sons unattended in a bathtub for 30 minutes while he played a "computer game" three rooms away.” (link)

What You Get At Google, And What You Don’t

“I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to work at Google. I learned more than I thought I would.

I’ll miss the free food.
I’ll miss the occasional massage.
I’ll miss the authors, politicians, and celebrities that come to speak or perform.
I’ll miss early chances to play with cool toys before they’re released to the public.
Most of all, I’ll miss working with the incredibly smart and talented people I got to know there.

But I won’t miss a design philosophy that lives or dies strictly by the sword of data.”
-Douglas Bowman, on his moving from Google to Twitter, March 2009--
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Is your Google AdSense Showing clicks but no money? Checklist for solutions and suggested reading

"not earning money but people click on ads""adsense showing click but not money""what's the deal with these zero value clicks?"

In praise of Moser Baer, and some thoughts on movie piracy in India

Most of us watch movies, and we may buy DVDs/CDs for our personal collection also. In this case Moser Baer (India) is a company that keeps on pulling up surprises. I am impressed by the ingenuity of this company.

Piracy is universal. As long as there is demand, supply will be there. I mean for how much could a customer buy a pirated copy of a movie, here in India- from Rupees 30 to Rupees 100 Rupees (about 1 or 2 US dollars). Some time back the price advantage the pirates had over the original content was was huge, that most customers could not appreciate the original creators.

No Free Lunches- Credit That Image, or Shoot Yourself

Dear Reader, I am a passionate photographer and believe in sharing knowledge. Thus, I have most of my photos (minus family ones) under Creative Commons Attribution license and I actively contribute to Wikipedia.

As most of the people who take out time to edit and enhance the mighty Wikipedia and release their photos, even outstanding ones for free- there is a reason for it.