January 29, 2017

Is a Single-Line CSS Comment Without Any Spaces Between the Opening and Closing Symbols Okay?

CSS comments are identified by the opening symbol of /* and closing symbol of */ and no other symbol. Also, like all other languages supporting this format, the comments may not be nested ("Comments", 2016).

Issue and Research

But what about the spacing in between the opening and closing symbols? Authoritative sources (Robbins, 2012) and experts on StackOverflow ("Is it bad practice to comment out single lines of CSS with //?", 2013) teach leaving one blank space after the opening and before the closing symbol for a single line comment. That looks more readable than skipping the mentioned spaces. The cost for this is two more key presses and the mental effort required. This effort will be repeated for very (manually typed) comment.

December 5, 2016

Convert CSS Color Value to RGB Code Inspection in PhpStorm

"Convert CSS Color Value to RGB"
Code inspection for CSS styles in Web Development Integrated Development Environment (IDE) PhpStorm may show this warning and indicates that you convert hexadecimal color codes to RGB codes. It's a surprising warning and I decided to research this warning rather than accept it just like that.

November 27, 2016

It Feels Awesome When You Work Hard For Labour Of Love And The Person Appreciates It

When you love your work, it never feels like a burden. This makes handling pressure easier, going the extra mile to delight the client or the person you are guiding instinctive.

I am lucky to have my programming career sprinkled with compliments when I wasn't expecting or looking for one - I was just looking to better solve a user problem, like I would want my problems to be solved.

November 22, 2016

The Fixation With App Permissions: Truecaller Requesting Irrelevant Permissions

Just Give Me Permissions! (Wtf, n.d.)


Recently the phone number identification service Truecaller's Android app began showing notification and a message whenever the app is opened prompting users to get the latest features, which is a little odd since I have set up my Google Play Store app to auto-update apps (while on Wifi to save on data charges). The apps update themselves and when I use them and find the updates, it is a pleasant surprise.

August 26, 2015

The Mythical Man-Month and My Three Years of Web Development

I am re-reading The Mythical Man-Month and as the folklore goes about this classic book that "computers may change, but people don't."1, I find similarities in the accounts of OS/360 and what I've learnt in my three years of professional Web Development.

February 12, 2015

Don't Assume cPanel When Recommending or Approving a Web Host for a Client

When a client asks for your opinion on a web hosting service, don't blindly say yes, or just after a cursory visit to the host's website. Because you might assume some facilities, which may not be available at all or for an extra fee.

A recurring functionality seems to be cPanel. There are many hosts (with beautiful websites, established brands) who would rather have a homegrown rudimentary file manager (with no unzip/extract facility), than to pay for cPanel subscription.

January 10, 2015

Hold On Integrated AdSense on New Blogs in India, China Etc For Six Months


Google's Blogger platform allows for easy integration of Google AdSense in blogs via the Earnings settings. Ads added using this option are automatically placed with optimised colors and placement. They also show up properly in Sites head of AdSense reports.

However, Google does not allow this option on newly created Indian, Chinese etc blogs.